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Beets are a vegetable, have you heard of them? Many restaurants now have beet salad on the menu, you may have seen beet juice offered as well. Have you tried beets? A lot of people may be scared of them, but you should give them a chance. There are red beets and golden beets and striped beets, so you might see them in different forms. The picture for this article is cut up striped beets!! I recently offered a friend to try the golden beets I get from my CSA box (Garden of Eden Organics) and she was surprised at how good they are… I simply boiled them (instructions for boiling beets). They don’t need any seasoning or dressing added if they are fresh. So why am I “beeting” this topic to death? 😉 Because beet juice can improve your workouts!

“Juice Up Your Workout”

“In a study at the University of Exeter in England, cyclists who consumed up to half a liter of beet juice daily for six days completed workouts faster than those who didn’t drink it, and it took them longer to reach fatigue.”

“For the best results, drink about 8 ounces (80 calories) on mornings when you have a big sweat session planned. Not a fan of the earthy beverage? Sip smaller amounts throughout the day, or add a splash of lemonade or carrot or orange juice to cut the flavor. Just make sure that the beet juice is still the highest concentration – about 90 percent of your drink. (Please note: Consuming a lot of beet juice could turn your pee and/or poop reddish; so don’t freak out if that happens – it’s totally normal!)” (Health, 2014)

Benefits of Beets and Beet Juice

Beets contain a high amount of antioxidants, potassium, folate and manganese. All of which are important to have on days you workout! Drinking beet juice may also help lower blood pressure. (Health, 2014)

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“Juice Up Your Workout” Health Magazine 28.10, December 2014: 15. Print

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