International Day of Yoga

June 20, 2017 | posted in: Exercise, Fitness Tip of the Week | by

June 21st is the International Day of Yoga. If you’ve thought about trying Yoga or just need a little motivation to get back at it, this is your motivation. Depending on what Yoga class you choose, it could help you with stretching, with strengthening, with breathing (i.e., stretching and cleansing your lungs), with mental clarity…

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Low-Impact Exercises that Burn a LOT of Calories

September 16, 2015 | posted in: Exercise, Fitness Tip of the Week | by

High intensity workouts tend to be focused on higher impact exercises (i.e., running, jumping, plyometrics). However, higher impact exercises can be tough on your joints, particularly knees and low-back. Here are some ideas for high intensity or high calorie burning exercises that are still low-impact: 5 Low-Impact Exercises that Burn Crazy Calories As always, contact..

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