I’m ready to get moving!

So you’re ready to focus on those fitness goals that you’ve been neglecting since your last New Year’s resolution, yay! But how do you get started? The first step is making a commitment to yourself, to your family, to whoever will benefit from you living a more healthy, happy life.  You can do that by writing a mission statement and/or lifestyle contract as well as fitness goals. If you need assistance or recommendations for writing a mission statement, lifestyle contract or fitness goals, please contact me.

The next step is to prepare a program plan that is realistic with your lifestyle and matches your fitness goals. This is where a qualified professional, such as myself, can help. I can provide assistance in creating a program and/or lead you through executing that program. Please contact me with any questions.

Mission Statement

missions statement is an all encompassing statement to help guide and direct your positive energies and intentions in living the most productive physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life possible.

Lifestyle Contract

lifestyle contract is a written agreement regarding your wishes and goals related to fitness. Most people make a more serious commitment when expectations are documented to decrease ambiguity and clarify the behaviors, commitments, and attitudes that are expected during the workout program. I’ve included an example below that you can use, alter, or ignore as you see fit.

Example lifestyle contract:

I, (your name here), agree to participate in this workout program, designed to help educate and empower me towards changing my current physical activity and improve the quality of my life. I promise to establish both 6 and 12 week goals and will utilize all available resources to fulfill the objectives. I agree to record all my physical activity over the 12-week period and additionally lend my support and utilize all support systems made available to encourage goal achievement and success.

Post these commitments to yourself somewhere that you will see them everyday.