What can I do when traveling?

When we travel, it is near impossible to stick to our “routine”.  We are never sure if there will be a gym available and/or what that gym will include, there are never GOOD choices for eating out, etc.

I am here to help you combat this dilemma. The main areas that are difficult to incorporate when traveling are working out, stretching and nutrition.

Working out:

I have put together a great full body “hotel room” work out. Contact me for a great workout you can do anywhere, no equipment needed.  Once you send me your request for the hotel room workout, I will email you the workout with some explanation and details for how to complete. If you have any specific injuries or would like a more tailored workout, please contact me and we can put together something specific for you.


There are many stretches that are very helpful after traveling, specifically after sitting in confined spaces for long periods of time, lifting heavy luggage, etc. I have a list of stretches (with pictures) that are great to do during and after long trips. Contact me to request travel stretches and I will send you the descriptions and pictures of these stretches. If you have any specific injuries that make these stretches difficult to do, please contact me and we can put together something specific for you.


This is the most difficult one. Sometimes you travel to conferences where food is provided, sometimes you barely have time to get fast food (yuck!), and sometimes you just don’t know your way around a new area to get food.

  1. The best idea is to try to stay in a hotel with mini fridge’s in each room.  That way you have the option of getting food for your hotel room and/or bringing home leftovers from eating out so you are not as tempted to eat the entire portion.
  2. If that’s not an option, try to stay in a hotel that serves a complimentary breakfast. These usually have quick, relatively healthy options for breakfast.  Breakfast is SO important for ramping up your metabolism for the day. Otherwise, you will feel more sluggish and your body will burn less calories throughout the day. You can simply grab a piece of fruit, a box of cheerios, hardboiled eggs, etc, depending on what they offer. You can also grab a couple non-perishable items for snacks throughout the day, or if you have a mini-cooler bag you can bring even perishable items with you.  Make the most of your free breakfast!
  3. If you have no other choice but to eat out, click here for an article with great tips on how to eat healthier when eating out.
If you are a frequent traveler and have more questions, please contact me.  I can help with any situation. Traveling should not keep you from living a healthy, happy life!