Play With Your Food to Get Healthy?

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Maybe it’s because I know someone who likes to poke food before trying it (yes, it’s as weird as it sounds ;)), but I can see how this would help! This article is specific to kids and the study it references is specific to toddlers, but I think everyone likes to play with their food! The article recommends, “Let the children play with, touch, poke, smell, draw and have some fun with the food first.” Here’s the general premise for getting kids to eat more vegetables:

“In a study of 92 Berkshire, England, toddlers (12–36 months) that was published in the journal Appetite (2015; 84, 1–6), researchers found that those who had drawn, smelled and poked unusual fruits and vegetables, including sweet potato and pomegranates, were 32% more likely to taste them over other vegetables at mealtime.”

Read the full article here: Kids Allowed to Play With Their Food May Get a Health Boost

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