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November is right around the corner, pretty soon it’s Thanksgiving, and BAM… holiday season! Ok, slow-down, take a deep breath. Before the holiday craziness starts, take a few minutes to focus on your health. Here are the monthly health articles collected by IDEA Health & Fitness Association.

Food Focus: The Good Dark Side Of Greens!
Gone are the days when your only option was spinach, the so-called miracle leaf that many were consuming raw and by the bucket load. read more »
Lower Caloric Expenditure = Better Weight Loss Results? 
The phrase “Eat less, move more” is often used as a simple direction for weight loss seekers. Recent study findings present a provocative challenge to the “move more” part of that equation. read more »
Come On, Get Happy 
Want to live a longer and better life? Increase your happiness! Contrary to old notions that happiness is shallow or naïve, there is a growing body of evidence that happiness is beneficial for morbidity (risk of illness), survival of illness and longevity (Diener & Chan 2011). read more »
Recipe For Health: Kid-Friendly Honey And Lime Fruit Dip
Want to get your brood to up their fruit intake? As my mother always said, you can get more bees with honey than you can with vinegar. Plus, studies show that honey increases our stores of compounds that protect against cancer and heart disease. read more »
Video Move of the Month: Dumbbell Shadow Boxing
Trainer: Anthony Carey, MA
watch now »


Healthy, happy living!

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