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Happy 4th of July! Let’s get bathing suit ready! The latest health articles from the IDEA Health & Fitness Association:


Mortality Risk of Obesity Underestimated?Researchers have established that obesity is associated with increased mortality risk. However, a study suggests that the severity of this risk may have been underestimated.
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Mind Over Milkshakes: How Your Mindset Guides Physical Response to FoodCan your mind fool your physiology into believing you’ve either eaten something very healthy—or done the opposite? A study from Columbia Business School postdoctoral research scholar Alia Crum says yes.
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Benefits of Yoga for Youth Today’s children face numerous stressors, growing up in a globalized world, surrounded by electronic media and confronted with pressures from school and increased competition in multiple aspects of life.
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Star-Spangled SalsaThree team members from San Diego–based Jimbo’s…Naturally! Natural Foods Grocer recently treated the IDEA Tribe to an informative Lunch and Learn session as part of IDEA’s ongoing wellness initiative. The Jimbo’s team demonstrated three delicious recipes and shared samples of all the food. This inspired several IDEA staffers to get in the kitchen and try their hands at these healthy eats.
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What Lack of Sleep Does to Your BodyAccording to the National Sleep Foundation, most healthy adults need 7-9 hours of sleep a night. If you consistently fall short of this goal, you may be increasing your risk for obesity, cognitive impairment, a compromised immune system and much more.
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Lateral Run Through

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Healthy, happy living!

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