Hiking/Meditation/Forest Bathing… Say Wha?!

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What do hiking, meditation and “forest bathing” have in common? Some would say they are all very similar AND can help with stress, anxiety and depression. I came across a great article that explains the benefit of just being in nature, whatever you call it:

“…a friend mentioned forest bathing, a therapeutic type of “moving meditation” big in Japan that has recently caught on in the U.S. (In 2013, North America got its own chapter of the International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine; doctors have started writing “nature prescriptions”; and more than 20 forest therapy programs now exist across 13 states.) The idea: Research shows spending QT with foliage in a state of heightened awareness—versus just blindly traipsing through it—can slay stress, nix negative thoughts, and fortify the immune system, thanks to phytoncides, antimicrobial essential oils found specifically in trees.”

Here’s the whole article from Women’s Health:

‘I Tried a Three-Day “Forest Bathing” Trip—Here’s What That Was Like’

Try some forest bathing to reduce your holiday stress this season!! As always, contact me with any questions.

Healthy, happy living!

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