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No matter what we tell ourselves, it’s harder to get everything done during the holidays. It’s harder to stay in a routine, especially our healthy eating and exercising routines. One of the best ways to stay motivated and in a routine is by using a workout partner. Some of you may have explored the option for a workout partner, but couldn’t find someone who had the same schedule as you, same interests, etc. If you have trouble finding a workout partner, here are some different ideas for some not so typical workout partners.

Yog Running App

Run virtually with any running group or partner, no matter the location. “After downloading the free app, you can either join or create an upcoming run. For instance, you might see that there’s a three-mile trek tomorrow at 8 a.m. Just hit “join” and you’re added to the list. Alternately, you can schedule your own run (select a time, distance and even a custom playlist) and invite your friends or other “yoggers” to participate. You’ll get a reminder just before your run begins, and you’re expected to hit the pavement/treadmill/track when the clock sounds. During your run, Yog tracks useful stats like your pace and calories burned. Plus, audio and on-screen placing notifications show your progress in relation to other runners.”


If you have friend that you’d love to workout with… but they happen to live 2 states away, try setting up a Skype session. You can both get the same workout DVD to watch at home, but you’ll have a set time with your partner (so you can’t flake) and you’ll have someone to complain, gripe and laugh with during your home workout.

Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer, how could I not recommend this? 😉 Personal trainers are the most reliable and knowledgable workout partners you can find.

Make it a holiday present to yourself or ask for it as a gift from others. A month’s worth of personal training to get you through the holidays without the holiday weight gain. It should also be a great way to get some extra knowledge, new exercises, etc. to start off the new year. If you have trouble finding a personal trainer in your area, contact me and I can recommend some ways to find great trainers.

Friend or friends

This is the typical thought when looking for workout partners, “I’m sure I have a friend I can workout with regularly.” However, when looking for workout partners, here are some important characteristics:

  • More is better – It’s better to have a group or more than one workout partner so that you don’t have an excuse just because one person is sick or out of town.
  • Similar schedule – Some people like working out in the morning, some at night, etc. Find someone who enjoys working out at the same time of day as you.
  • Similar interests – If you enjoy running, tennis, swimming, hiking, find someone who also likes those activities. We are less motivated to workout (and stick to our appointments) if we don’t enjoy the activity.
  • Consistent – We all have flaky friends, but a flaky workout partner doesn’t do anyone good.

Whatever works for you, try to stay motivated during this holiday season. Even if it’s just a quick walk around the neighborhood with the kids, take time to move everyday.

Healthy, happy living!

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