Can your diet effect your mood?

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According to an article in Women’s Health magazine this month, it can!

“A fresh crop of research from the University of Warwick in England found that people’s happiness levels increased with each serving of fruit and vegetables they ate per day, and the boost didn’t stop until their eighth serving. If you can’t with another carrot, try enticing your taste buds with a new vegetable, like kalettes, a sweet, nutty hybrid of kale and brussels sprouts (in grocery stores). And to make any cooked veggie more appetizing, add salt during prep to give the sodium time to soak in and intensify the flavor. As for fruit, folate-full choices like citrus and papaya may offer an additional perk – the nutrient has been shown to decrease depression.” (WH 2016)

As if you needed more reason to eat your fruits and vegetables 😉

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Healthy, happy living!


James Day, “We Come Bearing Fruitful News!” Women’s Health, November 2016: 36. Print

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