Can you appreciate getting sick?

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It’s that time of year again when it feels like everyone is getting sick. Of course, no one really wants to get sick. But what is it telling us?

Basically it is our bodies way of telling us to slow down. Our immune system is low or it needs to work harder to fight off viruses. When this happens, there are usually signs, the last of which is when we get sick. Usually we start feeling run-down, overly tired, etc. Instead of pushing through this sluggish feeling, listen to your body and rest or eat better or drink more water or avoid alcohol. We all know what to do when we start feeling the sickness coming on, but we usually don’t feel like we have time in our busy schedules to slow down or stop. Obviously, our life can’t simply stop at a moment’s notice, but there are places that we can scale back or even (heaven forbid!) ask for help.

Does that mean we should stop moving completely, i.e., avoid exercise? For more information on that topic see Should you workout while sick?.

My yoga teacher recently asked our class what remedies we turn to when we start to feel sick. I thought it was a great list of options (minus the one person who said their grandma would give them a mixture of ginger, cinnamon, honey and 2 shots of tequila… Seriously?!) Here’s an idea of options for when you start to get a run-down or tired or achey feeling:

  • Sleep/rest!
  • Vitamin C (with zinc for absorption), emergen-c, airborne, etc
  • Water/liquids
  • No drinking alcohol or smoking
  • Echinacea
  • Ginger tea

Appreciate the fact that your body is asking you to slow down, rest, and it will heal itself. Our bodies are very resilient, when treated with respect. Listen to your body, rest, and hydrate… Good advice, even when we are not sick 😉

Healthy, happy living!

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