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Happy August! How’s your fitness?! Get some of the latest health news here from the IDEA Health & Fitness Association:


Evening Food Cravings Linked To Circadian SystemDespite best intentions, many people fall prey to unhealthy snack cravings in the late evening. But before you beat yourself up for being seduced by the siren song of your favorite duo—Ben and Jerry—new research suggests that perhaps we are hardwired for such eating patterns.
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Tabata Training Proves EffectiveTabata training—a protocol in which 20 seconds of high-intensity activity are followed by 10 seconds of rest, with that cycle repeating for 4 minutes—could be considered one of the earlier versions of high-intensity interval training.
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Mindfulness Training Begins With The Body Focusing the mind on the body is the starting point for all mindful practices. Many professionals engaged in mind-body training have observed the mental, and even spiritual, changes that emerge from prolonged practice of focusing on physical sensations.
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IDEA Fitnographic: The Benefits Of Self Myofascial ReleaseResearch supports foam rolling for improved health and fitness.
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Recipe For Health: Raw-Vegan Sloppy JoesLooking for a quick and healthy weeknight meal now that the kids are back in school and your autumn schedule is about to go full tilt? This one might become a standard.
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