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Guess what? You can lose weight just by reading these articles!

Nah, April Fool’s!  BUT you might get some motivation to eat well and exercise more. Here are the latest health articles from the IDEA Health & Fitness Association:

Women, Strength Training and DiabetesHere’s more motivation to get your female clients interested in lifting weights: Strength training can help to ward off diabetes.
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Can Pilates Improve Sleep?Pilates offers more than good exercise for the body; consistent practice leads to real improvements in life quality, notably better depth and quality of sleep, says recent research.
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Family Meals May Beat Obesity Family meals and their rituals might be an underappreciated battleground for fighting obesity, say Cornell professor Brian Wansink, PhD, and coauthor Ellen Van Kleef, assistant professor at Wageningen University, The Netherlands.
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Americans’ Snacking Habits Sneak Up on ThemSnacks are a source of convenience and comfort for millions of Americans who need or want more than what’s offered at mealtime.
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Recipe For Health: Kale PestoThese days, when many chefs are sourcing locally and seasonally, and abiding by sustainable practices, they may believe they are cooking healthy meals, says Emmanuel Verstraeten, founder and CEO of SPE Certified®
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Healthy, happy living!

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