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If you’ve trained with me, you know one of my favorite phrases is “…And Breathe.” While doing exercises, especially exercises that are new, we tend to hold our breath. Yes, this seems very counter-intuitive, but it’s what everyone does. Obviously, breathing is important all the time! Two things that keep us alive are breathing and a beating heart. So maybe we should give breathing a little thought every once in awhile, since it is so important šŸ˜‰

In saying that, breathing while exercising is the most important. Even more beneficial is breathing CORRECTLY. While exercising, our muscles need more oxygen. Instinctively, our heart starts beating faster to get the oxygen-filled blood to more places. However, if we are not taking deep breaths to get as much oxygen as possible, our body has to work a lot harder or make us slow down (sometimesĀ referredĀ to as “the wall” or VO2 max).

Since I love the breathing topic, I am extremely happy to share this article from Core Performance titled “Master Your Breathing to Perform Better“:

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